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Paper terms bleeding ghosting shadowing

paper terms bleeding ghosting shadowing

side using the same side guide and plate for the second side. Transparency Positive photographic image on film allowing light to pass through. Debossing Pressing an image or texture into a substrate. Blanket: The thick rubber mat on a printing press that transfers ink from the plate to paper. Also called dummy duotone, dougraph, duplex halftone, false duotone, flat tint halftone and halftone with screen.

paper terms bleeding ghosting shadowing

They all refer to how ink interacts with paper. You may have he ard the terms feathering, bleeding, and ghosting before and wondered. If YES, refer to: Ghosting on preprinted letterhead, envelopes, checks or oth er media.

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The inked areas are then placed in contact with a rubber surface which in turn transfers the ink to the material to be printed. The result is used to produce a printing plate. Tissue overlays are used to carry instructions about the underlying copy and to protect the base art. A pica is approximately.166. Stabilo point 88 - grey (felt tip pen). See also: imagesetter; PostScript; raster image processors; vectors. Magnifier An can my thesis be three sentence optical device used to observe very small details. Color Cast Unwanted color affecting an entire image or portion of an image. Joint That bendable, hinge-like part of casebook where the cover and spine meet. Also called base mechanical. The same effect is achieved by rolling the sheet horizontally into a tube shape and flattening the tube by creasing the two horizontal edges.

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