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Thesis on un security council

thesis on un security council

affairs is always beneficial. Thats what the UN does, it works miracles. I think the simplest way to understand whats happening is to see the entire thing as a negotiation. UN member states are speaking before the General Assembly this week and next. Palestines timing also coincides with multiple revolutions taking place across the Middle East, or what the media has called Arab Spring. If any of the Permanent 5 members the US, UK, France, Russia, or China votes no, then the resolution fails (this is called veto power). Palestinian statehood raises additional political and even legal issues for Israel. Palestine is going to do something that Israel and the US do not want to happen.

thesis on un security council

The news is full of teachable moments.
For teachers, every day and every story is a lesson you can use to teach your students something new about the world.
And this weeks news is particularly interesting for MUNers the worlds leaders are meeting in the General Assembly to discuss one of the first major issues ever set before the.

If Palestine were recognized as a UN member state, then Israel would not only be accused of occupying foreign territory, it would be accused of violating another countrys sovereignty. I wont try to explain the entire Israel-Palestine conflict that will take a few days, both on this blog and in your classroom, and there are plenty of books and online resources on the subject. In response, US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared their opposition to UN membership for Palestine. Use a clock or timer to keep student speeches to 1 minute. Al-Jazeera the news articles above cover most of the 5 Ws specifically who, what, where, and when so lets dig deeper into the why and the how.

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