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Right-sided heart failure essay

right-sided heart failure essay

life. It is a chronic condition. As this disease progresses and the workload of the heart is consistently increased, ventricular hypertrophy occurs. Heart Failure can be treated and managed but not cured. Other risk factors for heart failure are some diabetes medications, sleep apnea, congenital heart defects, viruses, and irregular heartbeats. If the volume of blood reimbursed to the heart develops more than both ventricles can manage, the heart can no longer be an efficient pump. The blood moves through the heart and body at a slower rate, and pressure in the heart increases. Many conditions can cause heart show more content, the diagnosis is made when an ejection fraction of less than 40 is found during an echocardiogram test. The chambers of the heart respond by stretching to hold more blood to pump through the body or by becoming more stiff and thickened. Understanding the main function of this portion of the heart will help with the understanding of other complications associated with this diseased. Left begins with L, as does lung. Congestive Heart Failure is when the heart's pumping power is weaker than normal.

In right sided heart failure, the right ventricle weakens and cannot empty completely. Show More, nurse Driven Education for A Patient Diagnosed With Chronic Systolic Heart Failure Refusing Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures. Most common symptoms include, shortness of breath, fatigue and reduced ability to exercise. Specifically, the potential benefits of this education for a 55 year old male patient diagnosed by transthoracic echocardiogram with chronic systolic heart failure, who has refused physician deemed necessary show more content, hF is often progressive with patients experiencing fluid overload or inadequate tissue perfusion. The heart muscle walls weaken and are unable to pump as strongly. Heather Horsley, wilkes University School of Nursing, abstract. This means; the heart cannot pump enough oxygen and nutrients to meet the body's needs. Left-sided heart failure is usually the result of the loss of heart muscle function, specifically in the left ventricle secondary to coronary artery disease, prolonged hypertension, or myocardial infection (Lewis. If left untreated, the blood will back up and affect the right side of the heart causing biventricular heart failure (both right and left heart failure). This can result in heart tissue ischemia and lead into cardiac dysrhythmias (Lewis.

Since the left ventricle does not empty completely, blood begins to back up into the left atrium and then to the pulmonary circulation thus resulting in pulmonary congestion and dyspnea (Story 2012, 104). The patient presented for discussion in this review is a 55 year old, obese male with chronic systolic heart failure who, in regards to financial concern and lack of health insurance, has refused any diagnostic testing or procedures beyond the initial transthoracic echocardiogram and expressed. After discussing the pathophysiology.