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The use of We more generally through the article serves to make the readers feel sympathetic towards Goodman and identify with him. Proficient: Score of 3 (6) Advanced: Score of 4..
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Phillis Wheatley died in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 5, 1784. De Veaux, Alexis (2004). From the University of Iowa in 1977. 55 In her late book The Cancer Journals she said..
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Essay on environmental pollution in english

essay on environmental pollution in english

alto ignore the alarming nature of Indias environmental conditions Seventy per cent of all the available water in India is polluted. It is hoped that with the strict implementation of the bill, the needed efforts to protect our environment would be forthcoming. Noise beyond a safe limit causes various kinds of mental and nervous disorders. Organic crops are becoming more popular as they dont have any fertilisers on them, which affect the environment. Water is undoubtedly a threat to the environment also as it contributes to the climate change, global warming and an in balanced eco system. Because of this, "air pollution kills eight thousand people a year due to respiratory related problems Air Pollution Kills).

Also when it rains, the toxic chemicals and gases emanating from mounds of plastic garbage, slowly seeps into the ground with rain water, polluting the underground water, and also resulting in the depletion of its level. In order to fight the dangers of pollution the sewerage and factory effluents -and wastes should be treated and cleaned before being discharged in streams, rivers and seas.

Better some global efforts are made to find ways and means to arrest the increasing pollution. The pollution problem is world-wide and the environmentalists have begun to sound the warning bells. Also when plastic is burnt, it releases heavy metals and toxic chemicals like dioxin into the atmosphere. These discharges contain a variety of poisonous effluents from factories and workshops. The future of the mankind seems at stake. 3) Destruction of Marine Life and Plastic. The expanding human population has placed a huge demand on the food production of the country. This results in raised temperatures on earth leading to partial melting of the polar ice caps.

Apart from choking our sanitary system such plastic waste also pollute our natural water resources making the water unusable. In a noisy place it is difficult to concentrate and anything creative and fruitful. It is also used for the fuelling of transport such as cars and planes. The demand on agriculture to increase food production conflicts greatly with the need to protect the environment.