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Louis althusser lenin and philosophy and other essays

louis althusser lenin and philosophy and other essays

Theses. Contents, lenin and Philosophy and Other Essays (1968) edit, lénine et essay writing target audience la philosophie (1968) as translated by Ben Brewster (Monthly Review Press: 1971) "Philosophy as a Revolutionary Weapon" edit, like every ' intellectual a philosophy teacher is a petty bourgeois. He declares that it is impossible to prove the ultimate principles of materialism just as it is impossible to prove (or refute, to Diderots annoyance) the principles of idealism. We should realize that the shock of a scientific break does not make itself felt at once, that time is needed for it to reorganize philosophy. These are clearly not rash or isolated formulations, but the expressions of a profound thought. (Until now) the philosophers have interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change. In the sciences, but above all in politics) without a study, and, eventually a theory of philosophy as a false path.

louis althusser lenin and philosophy and other essays

Idealist themes; they are.
Louis Althusser (1918-1990) took his degree in philosophy in the Ecole Normale Supérieure and later became Secrétaire of the school.

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Philosophy represents politics in the domain of theory, or to be more precise: with the sciences and, vice versa, philosophy represents scientificity in politics, with the classes engaged in the class struggle. Here, too, Lenin is taking up a classical thesis expounded by Engels in Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy, but he gives it an unprecedented scope. This classic work, which to date has sold more than 30,000 copies, covers the range of Louis Althusser's interests and contributions in philosophy, economics, psychology, aesthetics, and political science. A communication and a discussion are only possible if they are scientific. The forms and arguments of the fight may vary, but if the whole history of philosophy is merely the history of these forms, they only have to be reduced to the immutable tendencies that they represent for the transformation of these forms to become. There is a chance that we shall find more advanced theoretical elements for the elaboration of Marxist philosophy than we might have expected in the gestation of Marxist science, given the distance we now have on its lag. Only on this condition, certainly, is it possible to understand the confusion that has led people to think in terms of prematurely philosophical questions the essential theoretical contribution of Marxism to philosophy,.e. Lenin is simply observing that all philosophy is partisan, as a function of its basic tendency, against the opposing basic tendency, via the philosophies which represent. But the slightest reflection could have shown these people that it is impossible, in the very nature of the case, to give any definition of these two ultimate concepts of epistemology, except an indication which of them is taken as primary. That is why we should not read the XIth Thesis on Feuerbach as the announcement of a new philosophy, but as that necessary declaration of rupture with philosophy which clears the ground for the foundation of a new science.

Lenin and, philosophy and, other, essays: Louis, althusser
Lenin and, philosophy and, other, essays by, louis, althusser