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Easy essay on islam and science

easy essay on islam and science

A house; but truly The flimsiest of houses Is the Spiders house If they. The alaqah is transformed into mudghah which means something that is chewed (having teeth marks) and also something that is tacky and small which can be put in the mouth like gum. 8, at the same time, concerns have been raised about the lack of scientific literacy in parts of the modern Muslim world. Human beings created from sulalah (Quintessence of liquid) "And made his progeny From a quintessence Of the nature of A fluid despised." Al-Quran 32:8 The Arabic word sulâlah means quintessence or the best part of a whole. Rather, it "was the transfer of various philosophical currents entangled with science that had a profound effect on the minds of Muslim scientists and intellectuals. If only they knew that the determining factor is the nature of the male sperm and not the female ovum! A b Mehdi Golshani, Can Science Dispense With Religion? 17:36) and in several different verses asks Muslims to require proofs ( Say: Bring your proof if you are truthful 2:111 both in matters of theological belief and in natural science." Guessoum cites Ghaleb Hasan on the definition of "proof" according the Quran being "clear.

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They also believed that the water returned by a secret passage, or the Great Abyss. Inshallah, this research will help mankind to come closer to the Word of the Almighty. Mountains act like stakes or tent pegs my state gujarat essay that hold the earths crust and give it stability. In the creation Of the heavens and the earth, And the alternation Of Night and Day There are indeed Signs For men of understanding." Al-Quran 3:190 The scientific evidences of the Quran clearly prove its Divine Origin. THE presence OF interstellar matter Space outside organized astronomical systems was earlier assumed to be a vacuum. The water cycle is described by the Quran in the following verses: "Seest thou not that Allah Sends down rain from The sky, and leads it Through springs in the earth? The darkness begins below the internal waves. It contains the same message of the Oneness of God, that was preached by all prophets, right from Adam, Moses, Jesus to Muhammad (peace be upon them). THE flight OF birds Regarding the flight of birds the Quran says: "Do they not look at The birds, held poised In the midst of (the air And) the sky? The internal waves cover the deep waters of seas and oceans because the deep waters have a higher density than the waters above them. The Quran also speaks about the strong mountain foundations in the following verse: "And the mountains Hath He firmly fixed." Al-Quran 79:32 A similar message is contained in the Quran in 88:19, 31:10 and 16:15. Humans are unable to dive unaided underwater for more than 20 to 30 meters, and cannot survive in the deep oceanic regions at a depth of more than 200 meters.

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