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Dracula sexuality essay

dracula sexuality essay

One of them is old essay prompts for auburn university simply given in the specific conditions in which Dracula is able to exist. Stokers view is opposed to that of the New Woman, a feminist construct of the late nineteenth century. There is no agreement "as to what kind of sexuality is present in the novel but Spencer points out that among them there is no doubt that "a given sexuality is repressed and displaced throughout the text" (cf Spencer 197). The authors imagination transposes the legend of Count Dracula in modern times. Strong Essays 908 words (2.6 pages). Darkness itself is not only associated with the fear of the unknown, but also with the world of the subconscious. It is significant that the novel is a product of the Victorian Age. These nightly encounters with Dracula are the equivalent of erotic dreams. Being the Angel in the House was a successful female career, being sexually prudish, earnest and pure.

Sexuality in Bram Stoker s Dracula Essay Example for Free Sexuality In Dracula Essay - 2072 Words

The three main characters I will study are Mina, Lucy, and the three female vampires (belonging to Dracula). His encounter with the three unnamed women vampires, during his stay in Transylvania, is particularly sensual. Williamson points out that Dracula is written in the Vic- torian age which is "considered to be one of sexual repression and the vampire repre- sents the return of the (masculine) repressed" (5). But more importantly Harmening points " erst Bram Stokers. I felt in my hear a wicked, burning desire that they would kiss me with those red lips" (p. The perfect victorian woman would not see a doctor for "female problems would have to be interested in music but was not allowed to play for example flute, because "pursing the lips was unladylike" (carroll 16) There were even recommendations to have sex only. Along with garlic and other cures which are prescribed by superstition, the characters have to use yet another weapon to vanquish the demonic influence: the pole or stick that pierces the heart of the vampire and kills. As the story unfolded, Jonathan realized he is not just a guest, but a prisoner as well.