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Strategic bombing ww2 essay

strategic bombing ww2 essay

war-waging capacity. It is true that your defences inflict losses on our bombers. The.S.A.A.F opposed Bomber Commands view, they believed accurate bombing could only be achieved during the day. There were not many options available, since the defeat of the anglo-french army in June 1940 and the strategic bombing was the last way to demonstrate active opposition against Hitler-Germany. This situation changed after the German invasion of Norway and the withdrawal of Prime Minister Chamberlain in spring 1940. It wasn't until mid way through the war that the.262 went into production, of which 1294 were made. Bomber Command was ineffectual until the development of the Mustang fighter. The Strategic Bombing Offensive of the Allied Forces was one of the great military operations against Hitler-Germany. To have abandoned the only means of direct attack which we had at our disposal would have been a long step in that direction. "In battle we Germans had to rely on our human eyes. (16) does john jay college require an essay Studs Terkel interviewed John Kenneth Galbraith about his experiences during the Second World War for his book, The Good War (1985) There had been two broad strategies.

Germany heavily relied on foreign resources. Naturally, working-class areas were the most damaged. Ample factual evidence will now be forthcoming, and I hope that, in future, it will not be thought that the sight and sound of bombers, and their uplift effect on morale, is proportional to the damage they do to the enemy. The latest Air Ministry bulletins report successful bombing of troop concentrations, military transport, on roads and railways, including an ammunition train, the headquarters of a German armoured division, and a power station. The bombing campaign prevented Hitler from devastating the Anglo-American air force with his newly developed V weapons. But I have no doubt whatever that against a background of growing casualties, increasing privations and dying hopes it would be profound indeed. It was hoped that our own radar would be developed to the point where the strips of paper would not cause any very serious interference, but even so, defensive radar might never be quite so effective after its introduction as before.

To offset nightly raids, the Luftwaffe established a 'night fighter' force. The target was Hamburg, beyond Oboe range. They belong to a class of human beings with whom you can only talk after you have first knocked out their teeth. Further improvements were that one man of every crew got special trained for the dropping of bombs and the use of pathfinders, crews formed from elite corps to guide the bombers to the target area. In addition to Germans killed in the bombing, an unknown numbers of foreign workers, including slave laborers. Germany underestimated the ability of the radar, subsequently they lost the benefit of surprise. During the heaviest air raids 60,000 people were squashed into these bunkers. Moreover, in summer of 1942 the first parts of the US Air Force were sent to Great Britain to build up an American bomber force against Germany. These were equipped with large anti-aircraft guns (12.8 cm Flak 40). The destruction of Dresden was unforgivable.

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