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Employment law related to credit history repots essay

employment law related to credit history repots essay

in the hiring process and in respect of the terms and conditions of employment. Several states and cities have laws prohibiting employer credit checks or restricting how the information from reports can be used. Currently, eleven states limit the use of credit checks/reports for employment screening purposes: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. Why will there be a case bonanza? EU employment laws mean case bonanza Employment lawyers will soon experience a major boom in work after the European Commission last month published plans to outlaw discrimination in the workplace on the basis of age, religion and sexual orientation. Fair Credit Reporting Act (fcra). 2 What do you understand by the phrase reasonable adjustments in paragraph 3?

Redundancy dismissal  . This fine is payable to the employee). Match these words or phrases from the text (1-4) with their synonyms (a-d). Check with your states labor department or your city government to find out if you are covered by the laws.

An employer may use lawful credit checks in the hiring process when. California Joins States Restricting Use of Credit Reports for Employment Purposes via. New Credit Check Law Takes Effect via. The Fair Credit Reporting Act was one of the first instances of data protection law passed in the. Users of the information for credit, insurance, or employment purposes (including background.

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Key vocabulary: employment; recruitment; dismissal; sex discrimination; disability; to be construed as discriminatory; marital status; genuine occupational qualification (GOQ reasonable adjustments; holiday entitlement; termination of employment; unfair dismissal; redundancy; trade union; labour union; employment tribunal; collective bargaining; arbitration process. Collective Bargaining a) Negotiations between an employer and the representatives of organized employees to determine the conditions of employment. The law protects disabled persons by making it unlawful to discriminate against such persons in the interviewing process and regarding the terms of the offer of employment. These are the basic steps an employer must follow for obtaining employment background credit checks: Employers must first obtain written permission from the individual on a standalone disclosure form. For example, employers may not ask questions about credit history on application forms or in interviews. Credit history checks are used by many employers as a means to protect the integrity of the company, its employees, and customers. So, if your company is in one of those states (or cities, like New York) that limit credit checks, check with your local or state labor laws to see if the position youre hiring for is covered by a listed exemption. Another step is to assess collateral materials such as employment applications, consent forms, interview guidelines, etc. . This information could be used as a differentiator between two candidates with similar qualifications when assessing risk to the employer. By revealing potential patterns of inability to meet obligations, this report can also help identify applicants or employees who may be financially overextended. Shrm ) reports that 47 percent of employers conduct credit checks on some or all job applicants.

employment law related to credit history repots essay