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Is voting for young people wattenberg thesis

is voting for young people wattenberg thesis

that young people are not reading newspapers not only because of how technology has changed but simply because they do not choose too. Again, less youth vote in general elections. Reading the newspaper is a habit that either is or is not developed by the time one reaches voting age.

When voting one is telling elected officials how we fill about a particular policy or other important issues our government should address. The following literature reviews the book, giving supportive evidence which led to his conclusions that the youth do not participate in such civic duties, in addition to his suggested solutions. This is a reason why I am voting, to let my voice be heard and have my say in government policy and have the ability in having a vote in who will run our country. Some of my reasons and my decision for voting do contrast with Wattenbergs explanation for reasons why young people dont vote. Younger generations tend to be more computer literate and have grown up with television and media more accessible to them than the previous generation. These are the reasons why I plan to vote. This is chiefly so because they claim that their votes are meaningless, and that politics do not mean much to them. The author is of the opinion that it is not the public, the people of America, which is so deeply aqa a2 biology synoptic essay divided regarding a number of political issues. I believe Wattenberg is correct about the reasons young people do not vote.

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