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for example here, while on the contrary, there is like 30 papers each year published in cryptographic literature in which cryptosystems fail exactly because many number theory problems (e.g. Lenstra elliptic..
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Nora bieler dissertation

nora bieler dissertation

Propaganda, Consumerism, and the American Revolution in Southeastern Connecticut. Succeeders: Latino Youth Learning to Belong. Navigating Difference: The Archaeology of Identities in an American Whaling Port. New Wine In an Old Skin: Innovation and Tradition In a School For the Deaf 1981 Abernathy, Leslie. Building Communities: The Craft of Housebuilding among the Classic Maya. 2013 Leykin, Inna Population Prescriptions: State, Morality, and Population Politics in Contemporary Russia 2013 Nuhrat, Yagmur Fair Enough? 2008 Hall, Catharine Defining Boundaries and Breaking Barriers: Access and Adaptation of Chesapeake Bay Watermen.

2000 Lubkemann, Stephen Situating Wartime Migrations in Central Mozambique: Gendered Social Struggle and the Transnationalization of Polygyny. Style, Meaning, and History: A Contextual Study of 17th Century Native American Ceramics From Southeastern New England. From Space to Place: An Archaeology how to write a good case study and Historical Geography of the Recent Indian Period in Newfoundland. 2007 Whitehouse, Bruce Exile Knows No Dignity: African Transnational Migrants and the Anchoring of Identity. 2015, newman, Sarah. 2015, flores, Andrea. 2005 Gale, Lacey Andrews "Home is who you make." Place, Agency and Relationships Among Fula Refugees in Guinea.

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