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Great expectations essay settings

great expectations essay settings

keep the reader interested. Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, during the Victorian era. Pips mentality also changed with Londons mood and influence as he now thinks money is the solution to most problems. The Forge was a place of harmony and safety, and had the loving mood for Pip. Much like Miss Havisham has been since the day she was jilted at the alter. This, alongside the locked main gate and high surrounding walls, add to the feeling of imprisonment. Pip is presented as a vulnerable child in a threatening environment.

Importance of Setting in Great Expectations Essay Bartleby
The Setting in Great Expectations Essay - 950 Words Bartleby
The Role of Setting in Great Expectations : Charles Dickens
The Importance of Settings in Great Expectations Essay example
Great Expectations Setting

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The use of setting Great Expectations is of a high standard as Dickens has been able to create vivid world through his involvements of senses and various writing techniques. Right from the beginning Dickens has aroused the readers interest. Chapter 39 is a pivotal chapter in the novel because Pip finally finds out who his benefactor is and how his feelings are portrayed through the language Dickens used. Charles Dickens establishes the identity of young pip at the start of the novel. By comparing the ways in which young love in literature is achieved, received, and stereotyped between the Victorian era and present day, thus the Victorian era saw love as much more of a reward for hard work an persever. In my opinion, this is Dickens way of portraying his views on Pips superficial desire to rise up the social ladder from lower class to upper, which in the era Dickens lived in, was a common goal of society. I will be concentrating on character depiction and setting. In some ways Great expectations does not fit the traditional bildungsroman as the person is telling the story as an adult reflecting on his life from childhood.

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